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Hi there, my name’s Travis. Nice to meet you!

It is my goal to create and to help others create, in as many ways as I can. I strive to use my specialties to help others discover and nurture theirs. I’m driven by a desire to collaborate with others, to build something greater than the sum of its parts.



Bachelor of Arts in Economics with a minor in Electronic Music

University of California, Santa Cruz
Studied Economic Theory, Business Logic for Music, Digital Rights and Copyright Law, Music Theory, and Audio Production.

September 2004 - June 2008


Channel Manager, Strategy

Indmusic, Brooklyn NY

Indmusic is a YouTube Network that helps independent content creators, labels, and artists, maximize the potential of their YouTube presence. As Channel Manager, I interface daily with our partners to develop Content Delivery Strategy, administer partners’ Master and Publishing rights in Content ID, and analyze demographic data to maximize audience development on and off of YouTube.

September 2012 ~ Present

Booking Manager

Bar Chord, Brooklyn NY

Bar Chord is a bar/performance venue in Brooklyn, NY. As Booking Manager, I was responsible for maintaing and filling Bar Chord’s evening live event calendar. I was also constantly on the lookout for exciting new folk and bluegrass artists, as well as independent singer/songwriters, which match the ambiance of the venue.

March 2013 - September 2013

Audio Engineer

Signature Sound Studios, San Diego CA

Signature Sound is one of Southern California’s premier Recording Studios, located in San Diego, CA. The studio has quite a pedigree, recording acts like Blink 182, T-Pain, Jewel, and U2. As Audio Engineer, I ran recording sessions, which included setup and routing of microphones and instruments into the control board, running tracking sessions in both ProTools and Logic, and interfacing with clients, collaborating to achieve the clients’ desired sound.

February 2012 - August 2012

Web Design and Audio Engineering

Freelancing, San Diego, CA and Brooklyn, NY

After graduating from UCSC in 2008, I created my own job opportunities, freelancing as a web and graphic designer, photographer, and audio engineer. I worked with individual artists and musicians, as well as several companies, to help bring their creative vision to life.

Fall 2008 - January 2012

Awards & Certifications

YouTube Digital Rights Certification


Certified by YouTube in the areas of Digital Rights Administration, Music Logic, and Asset Upload Strategy.

June 2013

YouTube Audience Development Certification


Certified by YouTube in the areas of Channel Strategy, Audience Development, Copyright and Rights Management, and Upload Strategy.

March 2013



I am fluent with current web design standards and best practices. I'm also capable of Wordpress, Drupal and other CMS deployments.

Digital Rights Management

My knowledge in digital rights allows me to help musicians properly administer their Master and Publishing rights on various platforms online.

New Media Strategist

I use social media to share and collaborate with other content creators. I use my expertise to help musicians in my current position at Indmusic.

Product Management

My ability to quickly adapt to new platforms allows me to act as liaison between developers and end-users to ensure products are meeting consumers' needs.

Musician and Songwriter

I am a classically trained pianist, who has also mastered the guitar, drums, bass, several woodwinds, and have been known occasionally to sing.

Audio Engineer and Producer

Having studied Electronic Music from University of California, Santa Cruz, I am proficient in Pro Tools, Logic, Reaper and Live.

Creative Works


Scarlet Fox Letterpress September 2012 - Present

Scarlet Fox Letterpress is a monthly curated salon, a gathering of writers, poets, playwrights, story tellers, songwriters, performers and artists, who perform new works of experimentation in a safe testing ground, a large home setting in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn. As Co-Curator and Producer, I line up performers for upcoming shows, and coordinate with them regarding social media strategy  in the days and weeks before and after an event, to maximize audience reach.

Musician/Audio Engineering

Creator & Distractor California Monday - August 2012

A summer-centric, 3-track EP, featuring the single “Adieu, Adieu”.  Written and recorded in California, by myself and collaborator Jacie Rene Pacheco. You can stream/download it on Bandcamp, or find it on iTunes, Spotify, or Amazon.

Musical Director/Social Media Manager

Mr. Satan Goes To Wall Street - August 2012 - October 2012

The Imagination Liberation Front, a guerrilla theater troupe performed “Mr. Satan Goes To Wall Street: an Occupy Musical!” in Zuccotti Park, and other parks around NYC, before going on a national tour, performing in Tampa at the RNC, and in Charlotte at the DNC.

As Social Media Manager for ILF, I was responsible for disseminating performance information on the fly, due to the guerrilla-theatre nature of the performance. As Musical Director, I was also responsible for teaching the actors the play’s music, as well as performing percussion during several performances.


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